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News nwc announces its readiness to receive madinah visitors with a strategic storage of +2.6m m3

the national water company (nwc) has announced its readiness to serve pilgrims visiting the prophet's mosque and religious shrines in madinah, as part of its operational plan (for the second season) for hajj 1445h. the plan includes a strategic water storage of more than 2.6 million cubic meters.the company confirmed that more than 1,200 employees from its technical, engineering and administrative staff are ready to oversee the operations, which include the distribution of more than 610,000 m3 of water per day, at a continuous pumping rate of 24/7 in the prophet's mosque, the central area, and the religious shrines.nwc has pointed out that all water networks and reservoirs are subject to continuous testing to ensure the quality and safety of the water. this is conducted by the work crews in the central laboratory and fully equipped mobile laboratories, which perform more than 560 tests daily.the company stated that the monitoring and management of distribution in the water networks in the central region is managed through a smart operating system, by the monitoring and control center. this enables the company's specialists to follow up the service in real time, ensuring its continuity with high quality.nwc reaffirmed its commitment to providing sustainable, high-quality water services that meet the highest standards, achieve its kpis, and serve the guests of madinah in an appropriate manner.​

News nwc announces success of operational plan for 1445 hajj season

​the national water company (nwc) announced the success of its operational and technical plan for water distribution and management for this year's hajj season 1445h, distributing more than 45 million cubic meters of water to the pilgrims during the season.the ceo of the national water company, dr. fouad al-alsheikh mubarak, congratulated and thanked the custodian of the two holy mosques, king salman bin abdulaziz al saud, and his royal highness prince mohammed bin salman bin abdulaziz al saud, crown prince, prime minister, may god protect them, on the success of the hajj season this year 1445h, praising the wise leadership's continuous support for all sectors during the season.the company explained that the implementation of the operational and technical plan for the hajj season came with the support and directives of the wise leadership, which had a significant impact on redoubling efforts and achieving the objectives of the plan. nwc pointed out that the plan focused on providing water quantities for the pilgrims of the grand mosque, according to the necessary operational efficiency, which was translated through early business preparations, technical and electronic systems, and organizational and operational plans and structures.the company added that the amount of water pumped through the networks exceeded 45 million cubic meters, with a pumping rate of up to 24 hours in the holy sites and the grand mosque, in addition to conducting more than 75,000 laboratory tests during the hajj season to ensure the quality of the water provided to the pilgrims.nwc confirmed that the mechanism of applying the operational and technical plan was characterized by streamlining, which was implemented by qualified national cadres exceeding 2000 employees, and no obstacles were recorded in managing its work in makkah and the holy sites, with the availability of adequate quantities of water distributed to public networks, toilets, and cooling networks for tents in mina, in addition to firefighting networks and tanks for civil defense uses.​

News nwc concludes 15-year contract with spanish aguas de valencia to maintain 2 stps in taif at +555m sr

​the national water company (nwc) announced, monday 10 june 2024, that it has concluded a long-term contract with the spanish aguas de valencia company to rehabilitate, operate, and maintain stps in taif for 15 years and are worth more than sar 555 million. the contract is based on the objectives of national water strategy concerned with attracting the private sector to contribute in the investment opportunities involving the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of nwc strategic assets, and increase investments in the water sector, as part of an innovative model of investment agreements.dr. fuad alsheikh mubarak, nwc ceo, signed the contract with severino ramos aparici, general manager of aguas de valencia, in the premises of nwc in jeddah with the attendance of the executives of both parties.nwc said “the value of the contract signed with aguas de valencia company is more than sar 555 million (some usd 148 million), with a levelized tariff of sar 0.67/m3, i.e. about usd 0.18/m3”. the company indicated that the contract scope aims at rehabilitation, operation, and maintenance of two stps in taif city with a total treatment capacity of 147,000 m3/day. nwc added that it has completed of signing 8 contracts under ltom program is under the nwc strategic plans for existing environmental treatment plants (stps).the company revealed that the ltom program is continuing, as nwc intends to offering (113) existing treatment plants with a total capacity of 2.4 million m3/day starting in 2024. these contracts are investment opportunities open for local and international companies. the company added that these partnerships will attract important consortia, with the goal of rehabilitating existing assets for 15 years with capital investments at competitive prices.nwc announced that through these contracts, the company aims to support the national economy by enabling expansion and growth in the water sector and creating opportunities and long-term partnerships with local and international private sector companies. another goal is to attract and localize new technologies and transfer knowledge to saudi professionals. additionally, it said, the opportunities in water sector attract capital into saudi arabia, as they are offered as part of an innovative partnership model that interests water sector local and global operating consortia.

News nwc announces its readiness for hajj season 1445h with an operational plan that provides +3 million m3 of water storage.

the national water company (nwc) announced the completion of its operational and technical plan to manage the water and environmental services sectors in makkah and the holy sites in preparation for the hajj season 1445h.the company confirmed its readiness to implement its operational plan to receive this year's pilgrims early. nwc has been working to improve the services provided and raise the level of readiness to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership, may god protect them, to utilize all capabilities and provide all water and environmental services to the pilgrims and enable them to perform their rituals with ease and comfort.we have worked from early on to develop plans and strategies and learn from previous lessons to improve the level of services provided to pilgrims and focus on providing the necessary quantities of water that will be distributed and pumped to makkah and the holy rites during the hajj season. the operational and strategic storage volumes exceeded 3.2 million cubic meters, with an average daily pumping volume of more than 750,000 cubic meters to makkah and the holy sites, and an average pumping volume of more than one million cubic meters per day on the day of arafa and the days of eid al-adha. qualified national cadres with more than 2000 employees will implement the plan, the company said.nwc said it has recently implemented 10 water and environment projects in makkah and the holy sites at a cost of more than 158 million saudi riyals. the company has done this to develop infrastructure, support water supply, increase the efficiency of networks in makkah and the holy sites, and increase the capacity of sewage lines. this is to ensure the provision of the best services to the guests of god. nwc pointed out that it is using smart technologies to manage the water system. during the hajj season, where operations in makkah and the holy sites are monitored through the control rooms of the scada system.the company showed that the pumping of water would continue around the clock in the grand mosque and the central area, along with continuing to pump water to all the districts of makkah served by water networks at a rate of 21 hours a day. in addition, nwc is operating the company's filling stations (ashyab) in makkah at full capacity to meet the needs of tankers for residents of districts without water networks during the season. the company brought out that the central laboratory is equipped with the latest modern international technologies to ensure the quality of the water provided to the guests of god. it pointed out that there are fixed and mobile laboratories in the holy sites that conduct laboratory tests on the samples collected by the field teams from the main water sources, operational and strategic reservoirs, and water networks in the holy sites and makkah in order to ensure the quality of water. nwc stressed that its team includes qualified and specialized national staff who conduct more than 4100 laboratory tests per day during the hajj season.​

News nwc announces its readiness in madinah for the hajj season 1445h

​the national water company (nwc), represented by the northwest cluster, announced the completion of its preparations for the 1445 hajj “pilgrimage season and its readiness to provide water and environmental services to the pilgrims and visitors to the prophet's mosque and religious sites in madinah, implementing the directives of the wise leadership, may allah protect them, to utilize all capabilities and resources to serve the pilgrims and enable them to perform their rituals with ease.the operational plan for this year's hajj season includes the readiness of the water distribution department and the continuous supply of water to the central area and religious sites around the clock, as well as continuous coordination with the saudi water conversion corporation (swcc) and the provision of operational and strategic storage quantities of more than (2.8) million cubic meters. preparations also include the preventive maintenance of all lines and connections of important sites, as well as the readiness of more than (1,200) employees in the emergency teams to ensure that technical reports are processed in a short time, and the support of the operational teams and constant coordination with the authorities involved to provide the necessary support.preparations for the hajj season also included the readiness of the water quality laboratory to carry out chemical and biological analysis around the clock to ensure the validity of the water pumped through the network pipes, as well as the continued performance of laboratory tests to ensure water quality and conformity to standard specifications, with an average of at least 21,000 tests per month, with an average of around 700 tests per day.regarding the monitoring of water networks, the smart operation department has completed its preparations to manage the operation, monitoring, and control system of the water network in madinah, according to a strict operation plan that will be implemented by a team of specialized engineers, superintendents, and trained technical workers to follow water pressures and quality in the networks and reservoirs and assuring highest level service provision.

The National Water Company (a Saudi joint stock company, wholly owned by the state represented by the Public Investment Fund) was established in 2008, providing water and wastewater services on sound commercial bases in accordance with the international best practices.

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