NWC announces its readiness in Madinah for the Hajj season 1445H

Publication Date : 5/25/2024 12:00 AM
Last Modification Date : 5/27/2024 9:59 AM

​The National Water Company (NWC), represented by the Northwest Cluster, announced the completion of its preparations for the 1445 Hajj “pilgrimage" season and its readiness to provide water and environmental services to the pilgrims and visitors to the Prophet's Mosque and religious sites in Madinah, implementing the directives of the wise leadership, may Allah protect them, to utilize all capabilities and resources to serve the pilgrims and enable them to perform their rituals with ease.

The operational plan for this year's Hajj season includes the readiness of the water distribution department and the continuous supply of water to the central area and religious sites around the clock, as well as continuous coordination with the Saudi Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) and the provision of operational and strategic storage quantities of more than (2.8) million cubic meters. Preparations also include the preventive maintenance of all lines and connections of important sites, as well as the readiness of more than (1,200) employees in the emergency teams to ensure that technical reports are processed in a short time, and the support of the operational teams and constant coordination with the authorities involved to provide the necessary support.
Preparations for the Hajj season also included the readiness of the water quality laboratory to carry out chemical and biological analysis around the clock to ensure the validity of the water pumped through the network pipes, as well as the continued performance of laboratory tests to ensure water quality and conformity to standard specifications, with an average of at least 21,000 tests per month, with an average of around 700 tests per day.
Regarding the monitoring of water networks, the Smart Operation Department has completed its preparations to manage the operation, monitoring, and control system of the water network in Madinah, according to a strict operation plan that will be implemented by a team of specialized engineers, superintendents, and trained technical workers to follow water pressures and quality in the networks and reservoirs and assuring highest level service provision.


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