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E-vendors FAQ



  1- What is the iSupplier Portal?

The iSupplier Portal is a secured web–based, easy–to–use, self-service tool that will allow vendors to get registered and pre-qualified, view and manage purchase orders, receipts and invoices in a real-time system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


2- What are the technical requirements for using the iSupplier Portal? 

There is no technical set-up required. The minimum requirement to access iSupplier Portal is Internet Explorer, version 10 or a compatible browser with Internet speed of 1Mpbs or Above.


3- Will there be any training materials available on how to use iSupplier Portal?
Yes, a CD-ROM attached to this booklet contains the technical user manual. The user manual is also available on NWC website:, E-Vendors section.


4- Is there a fee for using the iSupplier Portal?

No, there is no fee to use the iSupplier Portal.


5- Is iSupplier Portal secure?
Yes, The iSupplier Portal is a secured web–based application.


6- Is it required to register to iSupplier Portal to continue doing business with NWC?
Yes.  NWC is encouraging all Vendors to get registered to access the new iSupplier Portal to conduct and respond to e-business transactions.
Vendor that are not registered and pre-qualified in iSupplier Portal will not have the opportunity to do business with NWC.


7- Registration through the iSupplier Portal will guarentee any business with NWC?

Registering & being approved vendor with NWC does not guarantee getting an invitation to participate in tender opportunities. However, you will be added in NWC database, which procurement team uses to find vendors capable of fulfilling the relevant requirements of a tender.


8- I don’t have access to iSupplier Portal. How can I get access to it?
You need to go to NWC website and register as a new Vendor. Once you are approved, you receive an email with your login and password. To log into the iSupplier Portal, please go to NWC website, E-vendors section.


9- I currently have business with NWC but I don’t have access to iSupplier. What should I do?
If you are an active vendor currently doing business with NWC but not pre-qualified yet, you must start new registration through iSupplier portal to be able to do again business with NWC.


10- Who do I contact regarding the iSupplier Portal?

For any questions, please contact VRM department :