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Business Development Initiatives zamzam_KPZW_ProjectDevelopmentStages


King Abdullah ibn Abdul-Aziz Project for Zamzam Water


Project Development Stages

5-liter Containers 

Recently, 5-liter containers are introduced and produced specially for pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors departing via airports, in accordance with the recommendations of the Central Hajj Committee. 

 Automated Distribution 

The old distribution system or the magnetic token (Coins) system has been updated and replaced by a barcode reader that reads the receipt and dispenses the container electronically. 

Authorized Carriers 

A special contractor has been appointed to pack and transport Zamzam containers according to specifications that meet the requirements of national and international airlines. This will spare the pilgrims the trouble of having to carry and transport their containers. A new room has been designated for pilgrims at the distribution points where they can fill out the forms to collect their containers at King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah and Prince Mohammad ibn Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Medina. 

Distribution to Busses 

It is a new mechanism for pilgrims travelling via buses. Containers are dispensed to said pilgrims without them being required to leave the buses or queue at container-dispensing points. 

Customer Service 

A Customer Service center has been established at the heart of the distribution area to serve all guests, answer their enquiries, meet their needs and offer appropriate guidance. 

Electronic Links 

The selling, supply and accounting operations are electronically linked in order to guarantee efficient financial procedures and automatically monitor the selling process.