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NWC signs MoU with Int’l Energy Technology Corporation to encourage water conservation

The National Water Company (NWC), represented by the National Program for Water Conservation (Qatrah), signed a two-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Energy Technology Corporation (IETC) for supporting Qatrah's Social Services Initiative. The MoU includes encouraging and activating the physical participation of the private sector in the water conservation campaign as a type of social service.


Both Eng Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkley, CEO of NWC, and Eng Ahmad bin Mohammed Waznah, CEO of IETC, signed the MoU in the attendance of senior employees from both companies at NWC's headquarters in Riyadh.


Essentially, Al-Mowkley says, the agreement comes to protect the water resources. The IETC will unlock the social responsibility aspect by helping many local and foreign organizations, including banks, companies and semi-governmental entities, to fulfill their social responsibility through physical assistance. The company will provide water rationalization solutions including leak detection and water-saving tools for the residential, mosques, educational, health and governmental sectors, as well as charities among others.


"The MoU goes beyond the importance of social responsibility; it aims to raise awareness and spread the culture of rationalization and make known its financial, social and environmental advantages. Additionally, its goal is to achieve the objectives of the Vision 2030 including the preservation of natural resources and cost reduction. Furthermore, the agreement is intended to prove the effectiveness of the water-saving tools via in-field implementation that would include a sample of the residential sector. It would highlight the expected saved amount of water as well as the relevant financial savings, Al-Mowkley added, thanking the customers who were chosen for the initiative."


The NWC CEO stated that this MoU comes after the Company's success in concluding agreements with many private entities for the implementation of initiatives for preventing water leakage in buildings and reducing the high consumption of individuals, government and private entities alike. Internal building leaks are key when it comes to high consumption and in turn high bills. The customer himself can detect the leaks by implementing some procedures or by hiring companies specialized in leak detection and water waste reduction.


The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has previously approved the labeling for the efficiency of water-saving tools in accordance with SASO technical regulation, which aims to rationalize water via defining the amount of water that each of the items included in it should consume. It also requires suppliers to source only the approved tools to the local market nationwide while suspending unapproved tools.