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National Water Company installs 1.7 million smart meters & shoots for two million by 2020

The National Water Company (NWC) said that it succeeded in installing more than 1.7 million smart meters by the end of late September in different regions across Saudi Arabia, achieving 87 percent of its two-million target set to complete by the coming of 2020.

NWC added that it succeeded in completing the electronic connection of the smart meters system, linking some 1.1 million smart meters in many regions using static wireless networks (reading collectors). The meters send readings every 15 seconds to the data collectors that forward them four times a day to NWC's billing system that attaches them to properties' accounts without any human intervention.

The purpose of building this system is to achieve the concept of services digitalization, enhance continuous communication with customers and illustrate the features of the smart meters including the ability to control consumption via sending a notification to the customer alerting them for their high consumption. Bills also will be issued on the 28th of every month in addition to many features and preemptive alerts that boost the operational efficiency and quality and achieve fast performance such as alerts for the status of water supply to customers. The company expressed its commitment to continued development and automation of its customer service operations with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction.

This comes as part of the company's efforts to implement the highest quality standards and the success of its development strategy in line with NTP initiatives and the Saudi Vision 2030, in addition to its commitment to facilitating the latest technology for its customers in its journey towards digitalizing the water system.