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NWC concludes two MOUs with KSU and Taqnia Energy for expertise exchange, business development and technology localization

The National Water Company "NWC", on Tuesday, June 7, signed two memoranda of understanding "MOU".  First MOU was signed with King Saud University "KSU" aiming to cooperate and transfer knowledge in the field of providing qualification, training and consultancy services,  studies, research and exchange of expertise. Second MOU was signed with Taqnia Energy Company, a Public Investment Fund "PIF" company, aiming to explore ways to cooperate in supporting new technologies for sewage treatment plants "STPs",  Develop a business model to establish STPs in several locations. 


NWC-KSU MOU was signed by Engineer Mansour bin Mohammed Abuthain, VP, Projects and Technical Services, and Professor Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Hamisi, Vice Dean, Academic Studies and Research, aiming to cooperate with the university and exchange academic and research experiences.

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Engineer Mansour Abuthain indicated that the MOU comes as part of NWC efforts to develop scientific research and localize technologies in the field of water services and science, and participate in technical platforms to meet the needs of all parties, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. He pointed out that the Kingdom has distinctive national institutions that can be used in the development of service sectors, opening broad research horizons especially in water and environmental services, and developing sewage treatment technologies through the cooperation of all the educational and training sectors and service sectors in the Kingdom, and developing the policies aimed at integrating efforts and exchanging scientific and practical experiences between them, in order to serve and achieve the objectives of all parties. 


On the other hand, NWC concluded another MOU with Taqnia Energy Company, signed by Engineer Mansour bin Mohammed Abuthnain, VP, Projects and Technical Services and Engineer Wael bin Khalid Bamhir, CEO of Taqnia Energy Company with the aim of developing business models to construct STPs in several locations that suit the environment and conditions of the Kingdom.


Eng. Abuthain said that the signing of the MOU with Taqnia Energy comes as part of the company's orientation towards strengthening the partnership in the development of business models with the private sector, enabling the localization of water technologies in order to increase local content, improve quality, and reduce costs by developing business models of developed technologies that have proven efficient and viable for application.