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An Eastern Province videographer breaks through water network

Reference is made to the video clip posted on some social media sites, including a person's claim at the Third District, King Fahd outlaying district, Eastern Province, that  the National Water Company "NWC" affixed a water shut-off sticker on his house, despite being new, not served,  with no meter, and not received water service yet.  To set the record straight, the company stated that the control and inspection teams discovered the property owner's encroachment on the public water system prior to installation of a meter. He unauthorizedly and illegally used the network water in construction works.  Pursuant to applicable laws, a trespassing offense was reported and the property owner was given a notice to report and pay the fine. This shows that the clip uploader misled public opinion, and made claims contrary to truth and reality.


In this context, the company affirms that, in accordance with the regulations and instructions, particularly the provisions of the Public Utilities Protection Law, it will proceed with applying the prescriptive law's requirement on all those found to be infringing on public facilities and the services they provide. Because trespassing public utilities directly harms customers and affects service provision quality. This is previously noticed during detection of several offenses whether in the water or sanitation service networks, meters, or sanitary drainage intakes.  Due to these transgressions, a problem in operation system appeared, leading to interruption in some sanitary drainage lines in addition to overflow and environmental pollution.


The company called upon all customers to cooperate and to report quickly any infringements or transgressions on the company's utilities through its official channels; the e-branch:, the contact center 920001744 or a customer service center.