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Jazan began operating water networks in Al-Aydabi serving 22,500+ desalinated water beneficiaries

The National Water Company "NWC", represented by the Water Business Unit, Jazan Region, began pumping water after operating the water transmission system from Sabya Governorate to Al-Aydabi Governorate, in addition to operating water networks in Al-Aydabi Governorate for forty-eight villages.


"The beneficiary villages are: (Qa'im Al-Arab, Al-Faqqas, Al-Fathah,  Al-Qahiti,  Al-Mawqia, Al-Dahwa, Al-Morour, Al-Souq Al-Qadeem,  Mashawi , Al-Jamea Al-Kabir, Abu Al-Adaneh,  Al-Worood, Al-Ataba,  Ser Issa, Al-Baladiya Sabiqan, Al-Mahjed,  Al-Damna, Al-Khaliay, Al-Marawig, Al-Marmad Al-Gharbi,  Al-Marmad Al-Sharqi, Al-Maslakh, Al-Khazzan Al-Ali, Qaa Qasi, Al-Khatto,  Al-Zamar, Al-Buira Al-Gharbi, Al- Bouira Al-Sharqi, Al-Shurta,  Thaher Al-Janoun, Lahj Al-Hathol,  Maasour, Al-Washaya,  Matrah Al-Sayyid, Al-Arwaq, Al-Raha, Batin Al-Ashra, Al-Hasba, Zamla, Ardood , Joshb, Masloum, Atwan, Al-Simran, Saliba, Al-Kaddi, and Al-Marmad Al-Janoubi" The company said.  

NWC indicated that the project aims at strengthening the water system in the region, increasing coverage rates, and improving the operational efficiency of water services in the governorate.


Engineer Bandar Nasser Jabr, General Manager, Water Business Unit,  Jazan Region, confirmed that the carrier lines and networks implemented amounted to about 290 km long, in addition to the number of 2450 household connections, and the number of one tank with a capacity of 6000 m3, to serve more than 22,500 beneficiaries, with water amounts up to 6,000 m3/day, and pumping hours of up to 10 hours per day, with the aim of expanding water coverage percentage, improving operational efficiency, and contributing to significantly reducing the water crisis in Al-Aydabi, Al-Dayer, Fifa, and Haroub, as well as dispensing part of the wells, and replacing them with desalination water.


The General Manager, Water Business Unit, Jazan, invited the beneficiaries who got their meters installed to visit the e-branch of the National Water Company to update their data, and request service activation. He noted that beneficiaries of water services in the villages covered by water networks could apply for a new household connection through the digital channels of the National Water Company.

مياه جازان بدأت تشغيل شبكات المياه بمحافظة العيدابي لخدمة أكثر من 22500 مستفيد بالمياه المحلاة.jpg