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Request for Qualification in Water Distribution Sector (NWC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"The National Water Company JSC ("NWC") of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has re-opened its Request for Qualification ("RFQ") window in relation to participation in tenders for the Management, Operation and Maintenance Contracts, the first phase of the privatization process of NWC implemented under the National Water Strategy 2030 (the "Programme").

The RFQ evaluation criteria and Statement of Qualifications ("SOQ") requirements published on NWC's website on 27 March 2019 remain applicable, except for the submission deadline. A link to the initial RFQ has been included below for reference. NWC is providing opportunities for the following Applicants to consider submitting a SOQ:

- Applicants currently not pre-qualified and interested to pre-qualify for either Group 1 or Group 2 Clusters (noting that the North West Cluster is currently being tendered and is therefore not available for new Applicants);

- Current Group 1 pre-qualified Applicants who are interested in participating in Group 2 Clusters; and

- Applicants intending to re-arrange their pre-qualified consortia.

Submission deadline: all Applicants must submit their SOQ's by [8 March, 2020]. Please note that pre-qualified Applicants satisfied with their current pre-qualification do not need to submit any new SOQ.

Link to the Programme RFQ issued on 27 March 2019: