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NWC supplies Jeddah with 150,000m3 of water and shuts down the largest filling station

HH Secretary of Jeddah governorate, Saleh bin Ali Al-Turki, and the CEO of the National Water Company (NWC), Eng Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkley, witnessed the shutting down of the largest and oldest, 45-year old, main water filling and distribution station in Jeddah, Al-Faisaliyah Ashyab station.

Al-Mowkley said that an amount of 150,000m3, previously used to be distributed by the station, has been redirected to the public network.

The closure comes in application of the company's program for enhancing operation and increasing sufficient supply hours via the public network that serves NWC customers in Jeddah as well as to reduce dependence on water tankers. The shutdown brings many advantages including general improvement in the quality of services and an increase in the daily supply hours for 20 districts, comprising more than 60,000 properties. Additionally, it will enhance the environment and beautify the civilized appearance of the governorate through addressing the visual pollution and reducing traffic jams on the main neighboring roads. The daily back and forth journeys of the tankers, which add up to some 8,000 trips a day, will finally end.

The company completed three phases of its operational program so far, serving more than 50 districts or 70 percent of Jeddah districts, added the CEO. This amazing performance resulted in a leap in the sufficient supply hours via the public network to reach 17 hours/day. The supply interruption between shifts has been also reduced by 40 percent and the demand on tankers decreased by 60 percent.

Jeddah has six filling stations, out of which two have been closed, Briyman and Al-Faisaliyah stations. NWC aims to close more of them soon via developing the infrastructure, enhancing water operations and reducing the demand on tankers. It also plans to keep these stations as a standby in case of extreme emergencies only.

Reducing tanker trips will save the environment their exhaust emissions. Additionally, the customers are already seeing the direct benefits of continuous and sufficient supply to their houses. The program managed to connect water to many districts that were not previously covered including Al-Hamdaniyah, Al-Salihiyah, Al-Rayan, Al-Rahmaniyah, Al-Kawthar, Al-Sawa'ed, Tibah, Quwaizah and Al-Asalah. The program will go on this year improving water services in the governorate and enhancing operation in line with NWC's initiatives for the NTP and the Vision 2030.