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National Water Company: 85% of customers interact with high consumption alerts
The National Water Company (NWC) announced that it succeeded in activating the weekly high consumption warning messages, key feature of the newly introduced smart meters, for 200,000 customers as a start, promising gradual increases in the number of beneficiaries. The weekly messages sent to customers with excessive water use amounted to 10,000. Customers’ positive response to the service contributed to more than 40,000m3 reduction in water consumption over two months and half since the service was first launched in September 2019.

“The smart messages system has been introduced following the completion of electronic connection of the smart metering network, which promoted consumption reductions”, added the company. The preliminary tests proved the viability of smart meters and their effectiveness in informing customers of their consumption style to change it for more savings, which in turn boosts the management of water demand.

NWC stated that 81 percent of the customers responded after receiving the first message. The rate increased to 85 percent with the second notification. This rate included fixing internal and external leaks, installation of rationalizing-sanitary ware and changing the daily consumption behaviors.

These results, says the company, came following the installation of more than 1.8 million smart meters across the country, which amounts to 93 percent of NWC’s announced two million smart meters objective that it set to realize by 2020-start. Additionally, it managed to connect 1.3 million meters with static wireless networks (reading collectors) that transfer the readings to NWC systems that issues the bills to customers, all with no human intervention. The entire smart metering system will complete by mid-2020.

The company is going forward with its plans and programs to deploy the system in all regions of Saudi Arabia, in addition to completely connecting them electronically and activating the smart features that would enable customers to control their monthly consumption via the informative warning messages the system offers.