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NWC launches Qatrah – national conservation program for reducing individual water use

The CEO of the National Water Company (NWC), Eng Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkley, invited the civil community and citizens to interact with the national program for water conservation (Qatrah). It is an initiative by the water distribution sector for the NTP that is meant to preserve water as a non-renewable national resource in line with the Vision 2030.

Al-Mowkley praised the sponsorship of HE Eng Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen Alfadley, Minster of Environment, Water and Agriculture, who launched the program amid the Saudi Water Forum (SWF2019) under the theme of "Sustainable Water, for Sustainable Development" last Sunday.

Qatrah comes in a time when Saudi Arabia is among the most water-consuming countries around the world, which is not consistent with its water shortage situation.

The average per capita water consumption in the Kingdom is 263L a day, said the CEO. "According to the national strategy for water that we are working on via Qatrah and a wide range of other awareness programs and conservation solutions in cooperation with providers of conservation tools, that average is expected to come down to 200L/day by 2020 and 150L by 2030".  The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has approved the labeling for the efficiency of water rationalization tools which states that suppliers should provide the local market with approved products only and that unapproved tools must be removed from the market.

The national program will boost the optimal use of water, raise awareness of the importance of conservation and the necessity to change consumption behaviors. It will effectively reduce use, assist in sustaining water resources, and achieve optimal investment of water resources via conserving and preserving it.

The national nature of Qatrah requires all and everyone in the community including individuals, corporate, public and private sectors to interact, so that we can save water.

The NWC has signed agreements with many private entities to begin the implementation, which will reduce domestic water leaks and cut consumption in private and governmental buildings. Leaking is one of the major reasons for high consumption and expensive bills. Several leak detection methods are available that a customer can use by him/herself or via specialized companies to cut the waste.

The CEO encouraged the civil society to interact with the national program 'Qatrah' via the online portal (