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NWC-ELM new online platform to be built facilitating water and wastewater services
The National Water Company (NWC) signed an agreement with Elm, a digital solutions company, to enhance business efficiency, develop operations and provide technical solutions.

The agreement, signed at the headquarters of Elm in Riyadh, comes with the aim of upgrading customer services and enhancing customer experience. This would be achieved via improving the network’s sustainability, enhancing operation, continuous follow-up and full integration with other sectors. The agreement will increase the quality of beneficiaries’ information, boost customer services and raise the standard of the services provided to customers who are not connected to the network. It will also enhance environmental compliance and violation monitoring, in addition to reinforcing the integration of operation circumstances, tankers and customer complaints while boosting the capability of following up water and wastewater tankers. This will be achieved through the development and automation of some operations and services, as well as activation of service requirements, the provision of safety and security and direct connection of customer meters.

The agreement included cooperation in setting up an electronic platform for requesting and monitoring water and wastewater tankers, as well as establishing an online market, providing support for the same and integrating it with other platforms, in addition to incorporating the feature of issuing tanker work permits, and the ability to verify beneficiaries’ eligibility to water service. The platform will be directly connected to smart meters, field inspection, and the violation monitoring system.
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Eng Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkley, CEO of NWC, said that the agreement aims at raising the standard of customer services via automation of all procedures and services, integration and follow-up of all operations using control standards to enhance operation as part of the digitalization plan for developing services infrastructure across the Kingdom.

“We are glad to have signed this key agreement which will contribute greatly to the customer service-request journey. We are moving forward with digitalization to enable our customers to have access to all services anywhere and at any time”, Al-Mowkley added.

Dr Abdul-Rahman Al-Jadhai, CEO of Elm, said that the agreement spans the duration of several years. “Among the recently signed agreements with big and key companies in Saudi Arabia, this partnership is very important to Elm, which is committed to developing innovative solutions and integrated services to enable public and private sectors to keep pace with the digital transformation.”

Elm is constantly seeking to develop its digital competitive potential via the utilization of many channels, focusing on customer and creating new methods to boost the competitiveness and efficiency of its local and regional customers, Al-Jadhai added.