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National Water Company maintains its first place in Program for Riyadh Projects

The National Water Company (NWC) won the first place in the Follow-up Program for Riyadh Region Projects. This program provides the decision-makers and relevant authorities with information on the status of their projects in the region as well as technical evaluations. The database of this program contributes to forming a holistic vision of the developmental status in the area. NWC maintained its position by succeeding to reduce its delayed and troubled projects in Riyadh with to only 2.67 percent.

Our continuing to be at the forefront of the service entities in the follow-up program is the result of our fast response to the program's team by updating information and constantly following up our projects, as well as completing all data relevant to NWC projects in the region. Additionally, our representatives constantly attended the workshops on developing the work and defining update mechanism in each report. Moreover, entering projects' data via the follow-up system contributed directly to our securing the first place, said the company.

NWC added that it implements a number of strategic plans to develop the sector and improve the management of water demand. It also continue to realize achievements, reflecting the status of its sectors locally and globally as well as the generous governmental support. The company thanks the program managers, emphasizing its commitment to the highest quality standards in the execution of its projects.

It is worthy to mention that the program has been established in application of the direction of HRH Governor of Riyadh and the President of the Riyadh Development Authority (RDA) on (13/03/1432 AH) 17 February 2011 as an executive program, part of the regional plan for Riyadh. The program's objective is to follow up the projects of the region to ensure they are implemented with high efficiency, as well as their execution in line with their technical specifications and schedules. It also works on integrating current projects and reporting the future needs of the region via implementing the practical program for immediate follow-up of projects implementation (PMO).

The program aims at precisely reflecting the general status of Riyadh projects by analyzing the information and results related to such projects according to the data provided by the participants in the program. It also provides access to search for the details of any project in the region.