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NWC launches e-Services for 32 cities in Qassim, Hail, Al-Jouf, and Northern Borders
The National Water Company (NWC) launched electronic services for 32 cities and governorates in the northern cluster including the regions of Qassim, Hail, Al-Jouf, and Northern Borders, serving 271,000 customers, with the aim of developing infrastructure in line with its strategy and plans for boosting sustainability and operational efficiency of the Saudi water distribution sector.

“This launching is a quantum leap in the transformation of water and environmental services”, said the company. It also called upon all customers in the covered regions to register on its eBranch and update their information to be able to benefit from all services the online portal offers.

Old Sadad accounts for water services will be changed. Once registered, the customer will receive a new Sadad account number for their property to complete payments using the code of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture on Sadad system (015), in addition to gaining access to all online services. 

The services include the ability to register and sign-in, add another account, request a new property connection, request to add the accounts of rented properties, change owner’s information in case of transferred ownership, show details of all bills, e-Bill service, show all billing operations, show monthly consumption rates, option to complain about expensive bills, request bill installment, report water outages, meter or network leaks, in addition to the tariff calculator, bill clearance service, temporary close a meter, edit units, change meter location and wrong payment resolution.

The services will be accessible around the clock via the eBranch. Customers will no longer need to visit the branches of the water directorates for water services in these regions. Alternatively, they can access the services by contacting the unified call center 920001744 or at NWC’s website.

By updating their information, customers will be able to electronically manage their accounts, explore billing operations, know their monthly consumption rate and tariff categories to conserve and rationalize. Moreover, they will able to reduce bill amount by separating units and know about general issues related to leaks. The platform will allow customers with updated information to benefit from the services uninterruptedly.