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NWC delivers daily 10 million m3 of water nationwide

The National Water Company completed the preparations for the coming of the Holy month of Ramadan and the summer. To ensure sufficiency of water supplies to residents and visitors of the country's regions and cities during these two seasons that are known for higher water demands, the company will supply the country with some 10,106,384m3 of water on a daily basis.

Eng Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkley, CEO of NWC, said that the company has an operation plan for water management and distribution that will ensure the continuity of optimal supply. The early-developed plan includes raising the readiness of staff, machinery, emergency and field teams, in addition to analyzing potential risks and mechanisms to address them.

The water amounts distributed are region-based. Some 3,070,000m3 will be supplied to Riyadh, 2,350,000m3 to Makkah, 800,000m3 to Madinah, 476,000m3 to Qassim, 205,000m3 to Tabuk, 192,500m3 to Hail, 88,484m3 to the Northern Borders, 150,400m3 to Al-Jouf, 284,000m3 to Asir, 255,000m3 to Jazan, 85,000m3 to Najran, 100,000m3 to Al-Baha and 2,050,000m3 to the Eastern Province.

"The company has successfully increased the water amounts to be distributed this year by 139,000m3 compared to the previous year." Additionally, the preparations included customer service centers that receive incidents and reports and pass them over to maintenance teams, which will be working round the hour to ensure timely fixing of all issues. The hotline 939 has been allocated as a Citizen Reporting Center (CRC) to receive reports about the water services provided by regions' Water Directorates on the one hand. The hotline 920001744 has been allocated for reports about NWC's water services in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah and Taif on the other. Both numbers will be receiving citizen complaints 24/7 to provide necessary operation and maintenance for networks and stations. The directorates and NWC can also be reached via their social media account @NWCcare.

Al-Mowkley added that the plan ensures the readiness of our workforce in customer service centers, who works day and night to serve customers and address issues. The summer plan included the assigning of operation and maintenance teams armed with advanced machinery and equipment to promptly deal with emergencies and technical issues. Furthermore, the preparedness of filling stations across the Kingdom has been improved.

The CEO stated that there is a direct and constant coordination with the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the main water-producing partner in the Kingdom, for distributing cities' share of desalinated water as well as to ensure continuity of supply and increase production during summer.