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Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture begins privatization of sewage sector with announcement of new wastewater treatment plants

The first steps in the privatization of the sewage industry have been made with the announcements of three wastewater plants to be financed and operated by the private sector.

Engineer Mohammed bin Ahmad Muqali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture for Water Services and CEO of NWC, said that a first batch of new projects would include new plants in Jeddah, Dammam, Tarif, Arar and Sakaka stations, the first batch of new projects in this privatization program.

A 500,000 cubic meters capacity wastewater treatment plant planned for Jeddah airport's terminal 2 city's airport will be the first such plant to be financed, implemented and operated by the private sector.  The same model will be followed in Dammam, Tarif, Arar and Skaka.

The first step in the privatization process includes preparation of contract documents by international specialists, after which a BOT contract of the planned wastewater treatment plants will be awarded to the private sector through consultants Mizuho Bank, White & Case LLP and ATKINS Technical Consultant.

The Ministry has conducted a comprehensive strategy study of the Kingdom's water sector in order to ensure sustainable provision of high quality water and sanitation services at fair prices, in accordance with the National Transformation Program 2020, Saudi Vision 2030, and population growth and urban development.

NWC's strategy focuses on boosting efficiency and upgrading the sector by creating a promising investment environment aimed at attracting and encouraging the private sector to take an active role in the water sector.