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Jeddah Governor “Designate” launches Baeti Tanker Service

On behalf of HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prince of Makkah Region, H.H. Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Galloway, Advisor to the Prince of Makkah Region, Jeddah Governor "Designate", in his office today, launched the customer request service for sewage tankers "Baeti". The launch is activated through the digital channels of the National Water Company "NWC" at the Governorate as a first stage.  Engineer Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Senior General Manager, Western Cluster and Engineer Essam Al-Thubaiti,  NWC's General Manager, Jeddah Business Unit were present at the event. .


His Highness was briefed on the mechanism of requesting tankers digitally from the company's channels.  The mechanism aims to organize and control the tanker management operations and follow-up of sewage tankers technically, and at fixed prices according to tanker size. Objectives also include applying water transport environmental standards, environment protection, and improving the urban landscape by standardizing tankers identity bearing the brand "Baeti", in addition to applying the requirements of the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Traffic to maintain roads and pedestrians' safety.


Senior General Manager, Western Cluster gave a full presentation of the service of "Baeti" to drain, transport and discharge sewage, which will serve the inhabitants of Jeddah Governorate. He pointed out that this stage included changing the identity of 20% of the sewage tankers operating in Jeddah Governorate. Coverage of the new identity and environmental compliance standards will be expanded gradually. At this stage, the National Water Company invites the owners of sewage tankers to join this system by having the new identity. 

Engineer Al-Zahrani pointed out that the company today became able to manage customer demand processes for sewage tankers (Baeti), and follow them up in Jeddah Governorate electronically, after automating all operations, applying environmental compliance requirements, as well as raising the efficiency and developing business, and improving the work procedures, in addition to applying technical solutions, by installing cameras and electronic gates at the entrances to the dumping sites, organizing all discharge upgrade quality and control sewage tankers, maintaining a clean landscape, and improving levels of environmental compliance and traffic safety.