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NWC supports its operational efficiency in 1443H Hajj season with 26 projects at SR +880m

The Board of Directors of the National Water Company "NWC" was briefed on the operational plan for this year's Hajj "Pilgrimage" season, chaired by His Excellency Engr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsin Al-Fadhli, Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture "MEWA", to serve Guests of God, in Makkah, Holy Rites, and Madinah.


Engr. Nemer bin Mohammed Al-Shebel, CEO (Designate), NWC, explained that the company prepared for this year's Hajj season early, as an operational plan was developed for this season in line with the directives of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to serve the guests of the Compassionate, proactively through implementation of maintenance and network cleaning works, preventive maintenance programs,  networks drill, operational and strategic tanks filling, and fire and air conditioning networks calibration. He noted that the company devoted and mobilized all the technical and human capabilities to serve the pilgrims of the Holy House of God   


"To achieve high-performance operational efficiency, we implemented 16 projects to boost the infrastructure in Makkah and Sacred Rites at a cost of more than 208.3 million Saudi Riyals, including the implementation of new water lines and networks, replacement and requalification of other lines and networks in sacred rites, linking strategic and operational tanks to improve pumping and distribution processes, in addition to upgrading the pressure control system for water, cooling and fire systems in sacred rites. In Madinah, implementation of 10 projects to enhance infrastructure and improve efficiency were completed at a cost of more than 672.4 million Saudi Riyals that will contribute to raising the quality of water services and environmental treatment during the hajj season" Al-Shebel said.


Engr. Al-Shebel said that operational plans for daily distribution of drinking water would ensure the continuous pumping of drinking water around the clock in the holy rites, the Grand Mosque and the central area of Makkah with an average distribution of 750,000 cubic meters of water per day, through a structure under a network of approximately 9,000 km lengths, as well as the processing of 25 maintenance centers in sacred rites to deal with any complaints or situations requiring immediate maintenance and implementation, and a central laboratory that had been implemented and operated In Makkah, two laboratories in Mena and Arafat, and two mobile laboratories to monitor water quality and conduct the necessary laboratory tests in real time.


With regard to Madinah, Al-Shebel explained that the pumping of water will continue around the clock for the Prophet's Mosque and the central area, and the average amount of water to be distributed is about (580) thousand cubic meters per day, through an infrastructure that includes a water network of (6,700) kilometers longitudinal, in addition to equipping (40) field technical teams for operation and maintenance work in Medina working around the clock, as well as monitoring the quality of water through the central laboratory of Medina. 


Al-Shebel confirmed the readiness of the company's technical system to manage and operate the water and environmental services system in Makkah, the holy rites and Madinah, on which is working and implementing more than 3,000 human cadres of its national cadres and contracted operational teams who participate in the honor of serving the pilgrims of The House of God.


He praised the support of His Excellency the Minister, NWC Board Chairman and his continued follow-up, which comes as a translation of the guidance of the wise leadership from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God save them, by devoting all services to pilgrims of the Holy House of God and facilitating their performance of their rituals. 

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