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Jazan Water applies continuous pumping in Farasan Islands to serve 23,000 beneficiaries

The National Water Company "NWC", represented by Jazan Water Department, began to apply continuous pumping initiative 24/7 at the Governorate of Farasan Islands and its villages. This step was taken after studying the operational situation of the governorate and villages, and redesigning the network hydraulically. It is done in order to augment benefit of the resources in order to increase operational efficiency, reduce operational expenses, and maximize utilization of water resources.


Engr. Bandar bin Nasser Jabr, Director General of Water, Jazan Region, indicated that all districts and villages were covered by continuous pumping, stating that they reached 19 districts, villages and sites, including Plot 1 and 2, Salb, Al-Jamea, Rifaia, Badaw, and Janoubi Hai, and the villages of Sir, Hussein, Khatab, Al-Sadd, Al-Manaq, Al-Doumat, Al-Muharraq, Al-Kassar, Al-Masila, the site of the Port of Fursan, Al-Badawi, and Al-Hai Al-Janoubi, the villages of Seir, Al-Hussein, Khatab, Al-Suqait, Al-Mahsour, Al-Doumat, Abu Touq, Al-Muharraq, Al-Kissar, Al-Masila, and the two sites of Farasan Harbor and Air Defense Center. 


Engr. Jabr said that the Governorate of the Farasan Islands includes 3000 properties, explaining that the situation was studied and the network was redesigned hydraulically, and pressures were controlled within the network, ensuring that water reached all properties. He pointed out that this action contributed to balancing networks' pressures and reducing the incidence of breakages and leakages within the network.  Engr. Jabr pointed out that the amount of water distributed to beneficiaries in the districts and villages of  Farasan Islands exceeded 6500 cubic meters of desalinated water per day and the number of beneficiaries was more than 23,000 in a continuous pumping process 24 hours a day throughout weekdays.

The Director General of Water, Jazan Region noted that the initiative was implemented to raise the level of readiness and business advancement in order to ensure security of the water supply and daily distributions, by the hands of national efficient cadres with qualification  and expertise in the water sector.