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Desalinated water supplied to six Eastern Province districts

The General Directorate for Water Services in the Eastern Province announced the commencement of desalinated water supply to six districts in Dammam and Dhahran including Hajar, Tehamah, Al-Jameah, Al-Rabwah, Al-Qusor and Telal Al-Dharan. The supply comprised a daily amount of some 20,000m3 without affording any increase production-wise, which came as a result of a self-expansion and regulatory plan developed by an engineering and technical team at the directorate.

The Director General, Eng. Hamdi Debshi Al-Sherari, said that the continuous and stable supply of water to 100,000 people in the area was the first fruits of the completion of many phases of three projects, worth SAR50 million, connecting the public network to these districts, which are now supplied via the operational tank of the residential area number 55, without affecting the amounts supplied to other districts in Dammam.

The six districts, which were previously supplied with some 11,000m3/day of water that is suitable for human consumption via six operational wells in line with the global standards, are currently receiving 20,000m3 per day of potable desalinated water. This increased the geographical coverage of desalinated water in Dammam because of the efforts expended in organization and preparation of the technical requirements leading finally to the suspension of such wells.

The Director General added that the operations are afoot for expanding the supply of desalinated water; but the irregular network pressure will require some patience from both the residents of the newly covered districts and those to benefit from the service soon. The operation of supply stations differs from time to time according to peak consumption that requires increased pressure that is rebalanced later in proportion to the consumption.