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Qatrah” launches innovative public-private partnership to correct water use behaviors

The robot 'Haris' comes from the future to imitate our children and give away conservation prizes

"Qatrah" launches innovative public-private partnership to correct water use behaviors

As part of its program for water conservation (Qatrah) and with the national interest in mind, the National Water Company (NWC) launches a first of its kind partnership with Tatweer Education Holding Co. for raising awareness of water conservation among the young generation.


The partnership will present new awareness models via innovative characters, the production of a cartoon series, educational competitions and filed visits to schools and other facilities aimed at connecting the masses with the objectives of Qatrah program, as well as spreading the word about conservation values and modern water protection methods, in addition to attracting positive interaction to correct consumption behaviors.


The program plans to employ the augmented reality (AR) technique for the first time in conservation utilizing the concepts studied at all education levels. The partnership will hold awareness exhibitions at malls, model schools and educational institutions where many educational games and awareness competitions will be conducted. Furthermore, schools will be provided with special packages including a set of interactive books and entertainment materials that aim at communicating awareness messages in a way suitable for kids, as well as utilizing activity classes for students, presenting valuable prizes and school bags from major brands.


The utilized augmented reality (AR) will be achieved via a smartphone application that scans characters from the school curricula. Once scanned, several videos about water conservation will be shown to the student. The first phase will include six different video clips.


The characters invented will inculcate the culture of conservation in the society through the smart robot (Haris), a time-travelling character that came from the future in a time machine to study consumption habits and share correct behaviors and valuable information with kids, as well as benefiting from their creative ideas as loyal friends of the robot Haris who along with the other two invented heroes, Fares and Hadil, work together in a new cartoon series to be launched on 4 March 2020.


The program targets to send millions of messages through social media to reach all society groups, with the aim of spreading the word about the current and future situation of water resources. Additionally, it will raise awareness of the importance of water saving tools and conservation behaviors. The messages will also include news about key events, their schedule and the prizes presented, to document live events and let the society know about them.


Najla A. Al-Nafisi, the project manager, said that this modern approach to strategic partnership bridges the gaps of previous efforts in terms of promoting conservation awareness via modern devices to increase social engagement and instill correct consumption concepts. "It also speaks directly to the young, which will help to create a new generation that protects our water resources. Ultimately, the program aims at enhancing water use behaviors over the next four years to reach globally accepted normal consumption rates.


Al-Nafisi added that each episode of Haris cartoon series would discuss a bad water behavior and suggest solutions to correct it, utilizing an attractive yet meaningful approach to reach the ultimate objectives of Qatrah program. Supported by Tatweer Education Holding Co., the program in its first phase will release five episodes of Haris series through Qatrah official platforms with a question posted before each episode; answers will be shared through hashtag #Haris_Friends. Each time, five winners will receive gift vouchers.