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Integrating water bill to Ejar e-network
National Water Company “NWC” together with National Housing Company “NHC”, the operator and commercial operations manager of Ejar “Rental” Program, today launched the service of integrating water meters to the lease contracts registered on the rental e-network.  During the lease contract registration, the water meters are transferred electronically in the name of the actual beneficiary of the real estate unit.
In a joint press release, NWC and NHC stated that the integration process contributes to upgrading the quality of the services provided to lessors and lessees through real estate brokers.  The service allows the optional transfer of water services from the lessor to the lessee and the issuance of the unit’s water bill in the lessee’s name, and enables the lessee to pay bills directly without returning to the property owner or intermediary broker during the lease period. The service scope covers Saudi tenants in all cities of the Kingdom.
This cooperation between NWC and NHC, the operator and commercial operations manager of Ejar “Rental” Program, aims to enable tenants to manage water services for their homes, regulate consumption, and reduce disputes arising from the previous mechanism of collecting and paying bills through the lessor or the real estate broker.