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NWC completes feeding high areas project in Al-Nazim District, Riyadh East at SR 12M+

The National Water Company "NWC" stated that based on its initiatives to increase its coverage rates supplying the services it provides to its customers, and to enhance the efficiency of water operation in Riyadh city, the company recently completed implementation of main water lines works, in order to support and water-feed the high area in Al-Nazim District, east of Riyadh. 


The company indicated that the project, which costs more than 12 million Saudi Riyals, included implementation of main water lines in different diameters and with lengths exceeding 7 km. NWC also implemented 34 valve rooms for the purposes of shutoff,  flow and air measurements, and washing, as well as implementation of (9) networks on the existing lines. 


NWC noted that the project aims to raise operational efficiency, boost the water distribution system in the capital Riyadh, and achieve the sustainability of water security. The company emphasized that it is moving forward in the implementation of many vital projects, stressing that it takes into account the highest quality standards in the implementation of its projects.