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Madinah Water implements continuous pumping initiative in Al-Badrani District, and operates main line to serve +39,000 beneficiaries.

National Water Company "NWC" represented by Northwest Cluster has commissioned the project of main water pipeline extending from Al-Tahlia Wosta Tank to Al-Badrani Scheme in Madinah Munawwara. The main pipeline is 8+ km long, 400 mm in diameter and costs +5 million Saudi Riyals. The project aims to implement the 24/7 pumping initiative in Al-Badrani District, increase the supply coverage rate and ensure continuous operational efficiency.

Engineer Ayman Yusuf Al-Yamani, Senior General Manager, Northwest Cluster, said that Al-Badrani District covers more than 3,300 properties, home to more than 39,000 people. The amount of water pumped to this area is about 10,000 cubic meters per day. He pointed out that the project aims to improve the use of resources to increase the efficiency of operations, reduce costs and optimize the use of water resources.

Engineer Ayman explained that the operational situation of the district was studied, the network was hydraulically redesigned and only one main source of live supply was maintained while other sources were stopped to be used in case of emergency and water access of all households was reviewed. He revealed that the project is part of the company's strategy to achieve sustainability of water supply and create integrated regional water agglomerations.