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60,000 beneficiaries of NWC projects at Al-Aarid, Riyadh

The National Water Company "NWC" announced today the service entry of 117 kilometers long of networks and waterlines at parts of Al-Aarid District  in Riyadh. Ahead of schedule, NWC implemented these projects to serve for 15,000 current beneficiaries, and 45,000 future beneficiaries, at a cost of more than 33 million Saudi Riyals. 


The Company revealed its use of the advanced Micro Trench technology in the implementation of its projects and the development of infrastructure, which facilitates drilling and speed, thereby contributing to maintaining the quality of roads and reducing congestion and traffic accidents. 


NWC confirmed that this project is part of the initiative to deliver drinking water to consumers, as part of the national transformation program "NTP"  initiatives in line with the Company's strategic plans to increase coverage of water services in Riyadh and improve customer services.