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We distributed more than 78M m3 to cater for tourist season in Assir, Jazan, Baha, and Najran

The National Water Company "NWC" announced that its Southern Cluster succeeded in distributing more than 78 million cubic meters within 3 months in 4 regions, namely: Assir, Jazan, Najran and Al-Baha from the beginning of May until the end of last July to keep pace with the tourist season in these areas, according to joint coordination with Saline Water Conversion Corporation "SWCC" to boost the supply of desalinated water during the season.

Engineer Abdullah Alamri, Senior General Manager, Southern Cluster, NWC, confirmed that the cluster succeeded in managing the summer season of the four regions this year by adopting early-devised operational plan. He further stressed that the plan contributed to enhancement of water resources in the cluster.

"More than 31.5 million cubic meters were distributed in the Assir region, more than 28.3 million cubic meters were distributed in the Jazan region, and more than 10.8 million cubic meters were distributed in the Al-Baha region, while in Najran region more than 7.7 million cubic meters were distributed" Alamri said.  He noted that "The purification plants, transmission and distribution networks, and tanker loading arms were efficiently operated during this summer, which contributed to achieving higher operational indicators shown by the pre-planning of operational performance".

Alamri noted that the summer season plan for the Southern Cluster was based on three main axes, namely quantifying the water quantity required for the season; scheduling its distribution to all the four regional cities and governorates according to anticipated population density; and distributing filed teams at the various maintenance locations all over the cities and governorates according to a respective schedule.

 He explained that the third axis was to focus on the optimal operation of the main lines and sub-networks, and monitor the water pressures in them, as well as the levels of reservoirs, and the readiness of maintenance teams, rapid intervention, continuous linking with operation rooms, and support of reports to ensure the stability of all operational processes. 

The SGM, SC indicated that the average pumping and distribution of water in the third quarter exceeded 800,000 cubic meters/day in Assir, Jazan, Al-Baha and Najran combined, and more than (9,848,991) water tanker trips were operated for areas not served by the public network in the cluster.  

Alamri praised the support and follow-up of Their Highnesses the Emirs of the regions in Jazan, Najran, Al-Baha and Assir, His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture MEWA" and CEO of the National Water Company (Designated), and their keenness to provide water in sufficient quantities to keep pace with the demand for it in such seasons, and to provide the best services to the company's customers in the Southern Cluster. He noted that the customer and the beneficiary of water are NWC's strategic partner in achieving water savings through their management of water use operations optimally.