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NWC implements 52 water and sanitary drainage projects in the Riyadh Region at SR 1.6B in 2020

The National Water Company "NWC" achieved its intermediate objectives in 2020, by realizing several targets it has set within its development plans.  It completed implementation of several strategic projects to upgrade the infrastructure and advance the water and environmental services system. 


NWC said, "The projects executed in Riyadh city and its governorates reached 52 water and environmental projects at a cost of SR 1.6B   serving about 225,000 new beneficiaries".  NWC pointed out that as regards the water services projects in Riyadh city, the total lengths of water lines and networks carried out in many districts of the capital are 248 Km and 1 water reservoir is constructed, which benefitted parts of districts and several areas around the city.


The Company indicated that environmental services projects reached 483 Km long, in addition to comleting16,000 household sewerage connections, which benefitted parts of districts and areas all around Riyadh.


NWC pointed out that the governorates of Riyadh region witnessed the completion of many water projects, consisting of the construction 14 water reservoirs, and the implementation of lines and networks reaching lengths of 292 Km long, in addition to the implementation of some 1172 household water connections to serve parts of the governorates of  Riyadh Region, as well as the implementation of a number of environmental services projects in the governorates of Riyadh region, including the construction and requalification of STPs at Al-Majmaa. Al-Kharj, Shaqra, Al-Quayiea, in addition to the implementation of 1297 household sanitary drainage connections to serve parts of Al- Zilfi Governorate.


The Company confirmed that it is continuing in the process of implementing its strategic plans, completing all projects of its water and environmental systems in accordance with the timed schedules, and striving to upgrade its services to the highest quality, in order to achieve its desired goals, and to obtain the satisfaction of its customers.