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First time, NWC concluded agreements of some SR 3B to implement +500,000 household connections

On July 15, National Water Company "NWC" announced for the first time its entering into 91 agreements to implement more than 500,000 water and sanitary drainage connections at a cost of about three billion Saudi Riyals. From these, more than 6 million people will benefit, under Esal  "delivery" project announced last December. 


The company elaborated that the Esal project is a paradigm shift in managing household connections, as it worked over the past year to develop it as an independent product, in order to contribute to accelerating and improving the quality of services provision to customers, in addition to expanding the coverage percentages of water and sanitation networks, which help improve the quality of life as a goal of the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030.


NWC showed that the project includes implementation of more than 276,000 water connections and more than 229,000 sewage disposal connections, implemented by 44 companies in all regions of the Kingdom. The company noted that the project's benefits are not limited to implementing household connections only, as it will contribute to the economy drive, because the percentage of local content required by the company exceeds 50% in water and sanitation connections and service lines, in addition to the fact that the new connections will be followed by smart meters installation.


NWC, when selecting contractors, it has been keen to select specialists to in the works of water and sanitation systems infrastructure. The company stressed that their clients' assessment of these companies would be an important part of the evaluation process and awarding household connection requests to them.  


NWC confirmed its automation of the procedures of requests for household connections, as the customer would be able to request the connection, follow the stages of implementing his request, and the service connection duration electronically. The company added that the customer could also know the contractor who will implement his own connection, and will see his evaluation by other customers, through the company's electronic channels. NWC noted that the customer would receive SMS with every step of the work, until the connection was installed, and evaluate the work of the contractor.