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NWC pumps +10M3 water daily into all Kingdom regions

The National Water |Company "NWC" completed preparations for the holy month of Ramadan. The company will pump and distribute more than 10 million cubic meters per day of water in all regions and cities of the Kingdom. The aim is to provide the largest amount of water to the regional residents and visitors during Ramadan, which usually sees a significant increase in water demand.


On behalf of the company's staff, Engr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mowkely, NWC, CEO, extended his sincere congratulations and good wishes to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, God Protects them, on the advent of  the Holy Month of Ramadan.


He stated that the company prepared from an early date with an operational plan for water management and distribution that ensures continued provision of service optimally. He pointed out that the plan included levitation of human resources' readiness, machinery, emergency teams and field teams, in addition to analyzing the expected risks, and the mechanism of dealing with them.


He said: "One of the preparations is the corporate's readiness to receive customer requests through its digital channels, namely NWC App. on smartphones or through the company's electronic branch (, in addition to the unified contact number (920001744) for water services in all regions of the Kingdom, 24/7. These channels receive requests and notifications, and forwards them to maintenance teams that will work around the clock to ensure that they are processed in a timely manner".

Engineer Mowkely pointed out that the plan of Ramadan season this year included the allocation of teams for operation and maintenance equipped with modern equipment and machinery to address emergencies and technical failures, in addition to the processing of water filling stations "Al-Ashyab" and its contents in various regions and cities of the Kingdom. He explained that there is direct and ongoing coordination with the Saline Water Conversion Corporation "SWCC", the main partner for water production in the Kingdom, in order to distribute city quotas of desalinated water, and to ensure that it continues to be pumped to the beneficiary cities.