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NWC completes 5 water and sanitation projects at SR 108M

The National Water Company "NWC" represented by the Eastern Cluster, announced completion of five projects within its water and sanitation system.  The new projects cost more than Saudi Riyal 108 Million. NWC stated that they would serve more than 12,000 new beneficiaries in the Eastern Region's governorates and cities (Dammam, Al-Ahsa, and Jubail). The company noted that it will contribute to increasing coverage of water and environmental services, keeping pace with the growing demand for water services, improving the quality of services provided, and increasing operational efficiency by transporting  and distributing water, improving operational performance, achieving the wise government's aspirations by upgrading the quality level of water services provided to beneficiaries, as well as boosting the water resource system, and water and environmental services infrastructure.


The company confirmed that the projects included the implementation of more than 130 kilometers of main and subnetworks in their various diameters, down to home connections. NWC elaborated that it carried out the project of ring water lines, pumping station and operational tanks in Al-Atheer District of Dammam city, costing some 34 Million Saudi Riyals. The objective is to increase water system potential, and networks and operational storage after completion of the plant, in addition to the construction of an operational tank with a capacity of 1,700 cubic meters, and the construction of a pumping station in Plot 55 to deliver desalinated water to both Faisaliya and Nada districts and implementation of ring lines for Nahda, Atheer and Fakhiriya districts with a total length of 10 km.

NWC indicated that the projects included the project of replacing some existing slope water lines for parts of the districts of Badiya, Adama and Khalidiya with 11 kilometers lengths, at more than 13 Million Saudi Riyals, indicating that it will contribute to containing all the outgoing quantities of the properties connected to the network, and the streamlining of the outflows towards the environmental system up to the sanitary treatment plants "STPs".


The company confirmed that it implemented two essential environmental projects serving more than 10,000 new beneficiaries in Al-Ahsa Governorate. The projects included implementing of various sizes networks of 67 kilometers at more than 52 Million \Saudi Riyals. One of which concerns completion of the sanitary drainage system at the planned plots South of Al-Hofuf, and another project at the planned plots in the city of Al-Hofuf and Al-Mebaraz, to expand the sanitation system. The two projects will serve 21 districts in the governorate by installing 885 home connections.


NWC also pointed out that it completed extension of water lines and pipes in Jubail Governorate to serve the residents of King Fahd Suburb (first, second and third districts) at 7,000 Saudi Riyals. The pipes were extended in different diameters for a distance of 42 kilometers to increase the coverage of water services in those three districts. The company confirmed that its development plans are ongoing according to its expansion program to keep pace with the growing urban planning into the cities and governorates of the Eastern Region in implementation of its strategy to boost the quality of life and the services provided to the population in line with the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030.