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Consumption limit service

We have provided you with a new service to help you monitor your monthly consumption. We have set an initial consumption limit for your account.  You can change it through NWC mobile phone app. Please note that you will receive an alert SMS when you exceed the consumption limit.


  • Could I request consumption limit for rented apartments?
  • ​Yes, the service is available to the property owner.
  • ​Do we receive an SMS upon processing consumption limit?  
  • ​Yes, an SMS is sent to you as soon as the service is processed.
  • How long does a consumption limit request take to be processed?​
  • Immediately upon requesting the service.
  • ​Could the beneficiary (lessee) request a consumption limit?
  • ​The service is not available to the tenant (occupant).
  • ​Does consumption limit request cover private rest houses?
  • ​Yes, the service is available to the property owner.
  • Could I adjust the consumption limit after applying?​
  • Yes, you may change the consumption limit any time through the e-channels .
  • What are the requirements for requesting consumption limit?​
  • The service is available to the residential and commercial property owner​.
  • ​What are the channels for requesting consumption limit?
  • You can benefit from the service via NWC e-channels (NWC mobile App., e-branch)​.
  • ​Is the service available to all residential and commercial accounts?
  • Yes, the service is available to the residential and commercial property owner​.
  • ​Are there minimum and maximum limit for service request?
  • There is not maximum or minimum limits.
  • ​Does the service cover all types of meters?
  • It covers smart meters​.
  • ​What about meters and units number? Will a different limit be applied for each unit?
  • Units number is part of the consumption limit calculation mechanism​.
  • ​Is the service available for householders’ association officers?
  • Currently, it is not available​.
  • ​Is there an alert of nearing the limit?  
  • Yes, through SMS​.
  • ​When are readings updated and SMS alerts sent?
  • SMS alerts are sent upon exceeding the consumption limit​.
  • ​Do you approve standard consumption limit for all customers or has each customer a limit based on previous periods?
  • An initial limit is set for each customer. He/she could change it through e-channels​.
  • ​Does consumption limit cover sanitary drainage and respective consumption classified in the bill?
  • No, water consumption only.​
  • ​Are there any restrictions on limit changes in a year/month?
  • No. A customer may change it any time he/she wants​.
  • What is the purpose of consumption limit service?​
  • A new service that allows the customer to know and limit his/her consumption​.
  • ​If I receive an SMS of exceeding consumption limit, what is the next step?
  • Checking there is no indoor or outdoor leakages.
  • ​Will water be cut off the property if the limit is exceeded?
  • Water will not be cut off if consumption limit is exceeded​.
  • ​Could the service be cancelled after processing and subscribing?
  • The service is automatically available to customers​.
  • Are there charges in consideration of this service?​
  • The service is free of charge to all customers.
  • ​How is consumption calculated for the residential sector?
  • An initial limit is set, based on 30 days* 1.5 m3 for the commercial sector​.
  • How is consumption calculated for the commercial sector?
  • An initial limit is set, based on 30 days* 2.6 m3 for the commercial sector​.
  • ​How to change the consumption limit at NWC mobile App.?
  • Visit e-channels. Press “More” from consumption limit list. Then press “control your consumption”​.
  • ​What are the property’s details for a customer to calculate monthly consumption?
  • Occupants number, garden area, palms number, big tree number, and small tree number​.