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Consumption limit service

It detects leaks in your home early, sending you SMS alerts so you can fix them quickly to conserve water, avoid having your bill suddenly increase due to an unnoticed leak, and help you control your monthly consumption.

 In most cases, Consumption Limits are calculated based on average customer consumption. Customers are alerted through up to a maximum of three SMS.


  • I received several SMS informing me that I had exceeded my consumption limit. What does this mean?
  • In the first SMS, you exceeded 80% of your average monthly water consumption. A second message is generated when you reach 100% of the average monthly consumption. A third alert is generated if you exceed your consumption limit by 50%.  

    If your consumption limit is 100 cubic meters, the first SMS will arrive when your consumption exceeds 80 cubic meters. The second SMS will arrive when your consumption reaches 100 cubic meters. Your third SMS will be sent when your consumption exceeds 150 cubic meters.

  • An SMS informed me that I had exceeded my consumption limit. Do I need to do anything?

  • Verify that your consumption has not increased due to internal or external leaks. See the household consumption in this month if you do not find any leaks.  Things like garden irrigation and pool filling, as well as an increase in occupants may affect consumption during the time of increased consumption. 

     You can also check your consumer limit, which may no longer be suitable for you, and you can change it with the NWC App.

  • Does it matter if I exceeded 80% of my consumer limit days before the bill was issued?

  • It is normal to reach 80% of your consumer limit during the week of the bill. This message is sent automatically to you to keep you informed about your consumption.

Can I change my consumption limit? 

Yes, through visiting NWC App. 

Will water be stopped from the property if it exceeds the consumption limit? 

No, the service is designed only to help you.

I am a new customer, I got consumption limit messages early, and my consumption is proportionate with my household, what should I do? 

You can customize your consumption limit to suit you by visiting NWC App. 

I do not get consumption limit SMS, why?

If your account data is up to date and our other SMS reaches you, your consumption may not be as much as 80% of your average monthly consumption. If your data are not updated, you may update them via NWC App.