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Our Company Users Charter

​National Water Company's obligations:

Assistance and Support:
The National Water Company “NWC" website contains pages to help and support visitors to the website (Contact Us, FAQs). These pages provide answers to everything visitors need. A readable content, materials and media are provided in various forms, as well as detailed information and links, and some forms of assistance to suit the website content to suit as many visitors as possible.
Privacy and Information Confidentiality:
The confidentiality and privacy of visitors is of paramount importance to the company. Therefore, it has been keen to develop a clear policy in this regard to ensure that all data relating to the browsing public of the website is preserved.
Providing mechanisms for communication and participation:
Website management is committed to interacting and responding to requests for queries received through a communication page with us. NWC provides another specialized and more transparent means of communication with beneficiaries through a service (Contact the CEO), as well as a service to report illegal practices, in order to promote the values of communication and respect for customers and beneficiaries of its services by alerting about corruption or administrative problems or providing suggestions and ideas that will enhance the success of the company's business.
E-service standards:
1.The time taken to use the homepage and all other pages does not exceed a maximum of 6 seconds.
2.The time taken to use the website's homepage ranges on average from 2 to 4 seconds.    
3.Readiness rate 99%.
4. NWC website is keen to upgrade performance and quality levels to improve the current percentage and reduce breakdowns.
Customer responsibilities:
Since NWC website is committed to providing the best possible services to its customers, there are a number of responsibilities that customers have to assume, to ensure that benefit reaches them as determined by the site management.  Hereafter come some details about customer responsibilities towards the website:
Website's user policy: \Website users must see the website's document and terms of use, and abide by all its content.

1. Electronic Participation: The National Water Company website has developed a number of sharing channels that ensure that customers interact more with everything posted on the website, including electronic participation on a number of share tools, including social media channels, and in order for customers to participate through any of these channels. To participate, they must first comply with the specific standards and requirements of each of these channels, 
2. and abide by the privacy policy's content.
3. Complaints and inquiries: Users are obliged to provide accurate and correct information when writing a complaint or an inquiry, to be dealt with formally and correctly by the relevant departments.​