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 Illegal Practices Reporting

Whenever you find anything suspicious related to wrong behaviors, illegal actions, immoral acts, or actions that are in violation of NWC policies, values, procedures and/or instructions, including behaviors take place inside or outside NWC headquarters relevant to its reputation and affect the performance of its employees or expose the Company to criticism by others; such violations can be reported by email at It is important to title the report and provide a clear description of the incident. Additionally, you would be asked to optionally provide your name and contact details. Instances of incidents to be reported include:

*  Illegal or suspicious practices, including bribery, corruption, or misconduct.

*  Unauthorized use of company funds and financial misconduct, including incorrect allegations of spending or misuse of resources and company assets.

*  Potential fraud and corruption activities including waste, concealment, destruction, and forgery of official documents.

*  Committed criminal offenses of any kind or those being committed or likely to be committed.

*  Deficiencies or non-compliance or lack of proper application of the company's internal regulations, policies, procedures, internal control systems and rules.

*  Non-disclosure of conflicts of interest, such as using a person's position to promote his own interests or the interests of others and presenting them to the public interest of the company.

*  Obtaining benefits or rewards from a third party for the purpose of granting that entity preferential treatment or an unjustified advantage.

*  Disclosure of confidential information in an illegal manner.

*  Manipulation of accounting data to provide misleading information or false data from or to a manager, official or colleague of the company in connection with an issue mentioned in the financial records, reports or otherwise.

*  Any action that threatens the health and safety of employees, clients, the public or others.

*  Violating environmental, health, and safety procedures, including behaviors that harm the environment, the workplace, or threaten the safety and security of employees, or property.

*  Violation of the company's business rules of conduct, as well as behavior that violates public morals and ethics.

*  Misuse of powers or legal authorities.

*  Financial and administrative corruption, which is represented in any violation of the accounting and financial rules and regulations that regulate the financial and administrative workflow and result in material or moral benefit to the violator, whether directly or indirectly, such as theft, embezzlement, conflict of interest, bribery, exploitation of influence, forgery, fraud, account and data manipulation and obtaining a material or moral advantage.

*  Hiding, covering up and deliberate silence in relation to any of the above-mentioned issues.


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