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Workplace Initiatives Shining_Day_4

​​(Shining Day) program - JCBU

As part of the cultural, social & sports programs that aim to enhance staff loyalty through employee's honoring & acknowledgment by creating common ties between managers & subordinates. ​
The employees relations department has held a (Shining Day) program event for the Departmental directors and heads of JCBU departments on Tuesday, 15/12/2015  4/3/ 1437, with the presence of JCBU Manager Eng.Fawaz Bahlas, where he bestowed perpetual presentation shields to a number of employees who have served for the department , he has also recognized & appreciated their contribution & outstanding efforts they have exerted during their tenure , finally he wished them all success in their new jobs.

  1. Ali Badawod
  2. Hesham ALmalky
  3. Abdurahman Basra
  4. Abdulla Alotaby
  5. Hamad Alotaby
  6. Sabry Bordy
  7. Mohammad Kzaol
  8. Khadeja Abdullah 
  9. Ahmad Algorary