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Environmental Initiatives Friends of Water


This program aims to raise the community’s awareness on the importance of preserving water and prevent its waste and misuse by taking the initiative to report on any water leakage. The program focuses on building loyalty as it directly leads to reduce water waste and preserve the environment and natural resources in the country.

Ways to contribute to the water friend program

How to contribute with us in the water friend program and participate in saving the environment and get a Water Friends Memberships:
Our Number
(Water Friendly Center)


water application

NWC Website


Through the WaterReports service, through which you will be able to send your report electronically.

Water is a valuable and scarce national resource and everyone should exert their efforts to preserve it and use it properly by being more cooperative in reporting on the following observations:

  • Water leakage from a houses or buildings
  • Any damage to water line of the system (Pipe, Tank etc.)
  • Overflow of sewage networks.
  • Deliberate water waste or misuse.
  • Obstruction of any provided water services.
  • Damage or absence of water or sewage network cover.
  • Usage of sewage network to discharge flood water.

Reporting requirements:

  • Street, neighborhood, address and location or nearest feature​