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Sludge Sludge conversion

Sludge conversion
​​​​​​Project Criteria​​​​​ ​ ​Description
​​​​​​Pr​​oject Information​ ​​​​Name​Sludge conversion
​ ​Geographical location
Stage 1:Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah & Taif
Stage 2:KSA ​
​​Type​​ ​Replacement and infrastructure
Further Details​ ​​​​Scope of Work​
Sewage by-products (Fertilizers/Bio-Fuel)​
Investm​​ent Opportunity
To utilize Bio-Solids available in sludge
generated by sewage treatment
plants in order to produce more
added value products, such as:
- Fertilizers
- Bio-Fuel
- Bio Building Materials 
- Sludge to Chemicals 
- Other Applications 
PPP Requirements​​​International Reference
Minimal Technical ExpertiseProject reference​
​​​​​ ​