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common questions Content of the link to smart water meters

Content of the link to smart water meters

What is the smart water meters system?

A modern technical system that operates automatically and reads water consumption without human intervention. This project realizes the digital transformation concept for water meters and their services and develop them to be in line with aspirations of the  customers 

What are smart meters?

They are meters with electronic chip that read water consumption by ultrasonic waves or electromagnetic waves that detect water flow without any mechanical moving parts and sends readings remotely every 15 seconds to the reading hub without human intervention.


What is the technology by which smart meters work?

An electronic technology that reads water consumption automatically from the meter on site, and sends it to the readingا hub through wireless signals 


Does the smart meters require field employees to get readings?

No, consumption readings are sent automatically without human intervention


What are the components of a smart water meters system?

It is composed of smart meters and systems for receiving readings remotely through data hubs and wireless networks without human intervention until it ends up in billing systems and service channels.


When did work start on the smart water meters system?

Since 2016. Saudi Arabia represented by NWC, is the first country to use this system in the region. 


What are the advantages of the smart water meters system?

Accuracy of water consumption readings

Features and advantages that support consumption control

Sending messages to customers drawing attention to high consumption

Regularity of bills

Reducing commercial waste

Unified technical specifications with high-efficiency technologies



What is the reading accuracy of smart water meters?

The meters are 100% accurate. This is proven by several independent specialized European laboratories. For more than one year, they performed practical tests on the meters that proved their accuracy and intactness. The German laboratory SGS assured their quality and the European Laboratory SML did the same. OIML proved their conformity to International Standards, which are the same standards adopted by SASO. Meters have 10-year warranty certificate. 


What is the meter's life span?

10 years 


How can I get the smart meter?

By contacting any of the official channels of NWC (Customer Services) 


How does the client know his/her consumption reading?

The smart meter has a digital screen that shows consumption, and he/she can view the readings through the NWC e-branch, and NWC App.


What are the achievements made through the smart water meter system?

Integrating the smart meters system to the company's systems and billing systems for 2 million smart meters, with an achievement percentage of 94.6% of which 1,300,000 smart meters covered by fixed wireless networks (reading hubs) successfully.


What is the development expected after completion of the smart water meters system?

NWC is currently working on the global MDM data management system. It will be applied this year, which will result in better output, more data management and audit, direct management of errors and warnings. NWC has concerned departments act upon pilot projects testing advanced communication methods to maintain direct contact and integration between the meters and NWC systems. The company will continue its search for the best modern communication technologies   


How smart water meters readings are carried out?