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common questions New Billing Cycle

New Billing Cycle

In July 2021, The National Water Company "NWC" begins notifying the customers of their meter readings. SMS will be sent immediately after taking reads and the bill will be issued three days later. This development takes place in order to improve the customer's experience, while the due date of the monthly bills payment will remain the same on the 28th of each month.

General Questions:

What does this change mean?

It means that the customer will receive a notification of the bill issuance immediately after three days from taking the meter read, instead of receiving it on the 28th of each  month.

For example, if the customer's meter read was on the 1st day of the month, the customer will receive a notification of the bill issuance on the 3rd day of the month instead of calculating the bill on the 6th, and waiting until the 28th to issue the bill. 

 Two bills issued to me in a short period, Why?

This will only happen one time. As indicated in the bill, the month of May's consumption which issued on the previous issuance day on the 28th of June. While the second bill will be received, is the month of June's consumption, which will be issued in July, based on the new billing cycle immediately after reading the Meter.

Am I going to receive two bills in a short period again? 

No, the bill will be issued to you every 30 days.

Will consumption amount be affected by changing the bill's issuance date? 

No, the customer's consumption will not be affected, as the customer will have the full right to calculate the consumption based on the consumption slabs, and will be entitled to at least 15 m3 per slab, regardless of the consumption period.

What does it mean to observe the due date of bill payment on the 28th of each month? When should it be paid?

It means that the customer whose bill issued on the 9th of the month, for example, will not be required to pay before the 28th of the month. The customer also will be able to pay the bill if the customer chooses to from the day of receiving the bill issuance notice. 

I'm receiving SMS each month for the meter reading. What does it mean?

These messages are one of the most important features of smart meter system services that allow you to receive a text message immediately, to notify you of the meter reading, and the amount of consumption during the month. 

What benefit will the customer have from the new notification SMS and billing cycle? 

Notifications will help you keep track of your consumption more clearly, compare it to the bill that arrives three days after the SMS, and the new billing cycle will allow you more time to pay your bill before its due date on the 28th of each month.