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Registration and Vendors Registration


National Water Company (NWC) intends to build close long term strategic relationships with its Vendors in order to achieve optimum quality levels and continual high levels of performance. To help achieve this objective an automated system for the Qualification and Management of Vendors has been developed by NWC. This system provides a solid foundation for NWC to build strong relationships between the company and its Vendors. As a result, relationships will be based on quality performance, transparency of information, rapid implementation and securing effective communication channels.

Vendor Qualification is a continual process and not a fixed one that is carried out only once. Therefore, the list of the qualified Vendors will be subject to continual and periodical reviews. This will result in Vendors being added; Vendors being removed; Vendors being reclassified etc. This Evaluation process will be conducted through coordination with the concerned departments within NWC and will provide the Vendor Management Team with detailed data regarding the ongoing performance of Vendors whilst performing projects and delivering goods / services. 

Introduction for Vendors Preceding Registration:

We thank you for the interest you have shown to register as a Vendor with NWC, and look forward to you becoming a Qualified Vendor and Strategic Partner of choice to meet NWC’s future requirements. We should pay your attention that areas designated for registration with NWC are as follows. Vendors are classified as follows:

  • Contractors (Local / Foreign).
  • Consultants (Local / Foreign).
  • Suppliers / Manufacturers (Local / Foreign).

The Registration Process for NWC is clear and sequential. Registration will require all Vendors to produce and attach the following documents in "PDF":

  •  Any Governmental documents, including the following:
    1. Commercial Registration Certificate.
    2. Certificate of Subscription to Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
    3. Certificate of GOSI.
    4. Saudization Certificate.
    5. Certificate of Zakat & Income.
    6. Certificate of Contractors Classification (if any).
    7. General Authority for Investment Licensing (Foreign investors).
    8. Certificate of Classification of Consulting Offices by the Saudi Council of Engineers (if any).
    9. License of Profession Practice for Consultants.
    10. Certificate of Industrial Licensing for Manufacturers.

Upon the completion of the Registration phase, an e-mail will be sent to Vendors including a unique "Reference No." allowing Vendors to complete the 2nd phase of Qualification. NWC emphasize the necessity to keep the unique Reference details confidential within your company.

  • Financial Statements:
    The audited Financial Accounts of the company / establishment for the last three years.
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Capacity Breakdown / Analysis
  • Litigation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • HSSE
  • Coverage
  • Culture
  • Shared Aims
  • Accreditations
  • Program Management
  • Capability
  • Experience
  • Service Provision
  • QMS



Note: Contractor refers to the local contractor which is registered within the Kingdom via Ministry of Trade & Industry or the General Authority for Investment.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (+966-11-4407873), or contact us via e-mail: . We should pay your attention that all recorded information is subject to strict confidentiality.