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Business Development Business Development Initiatives

Business Development Initiatives

BDD is currently working on numerous initiatives at present. The key ones are listed below:

• TSE Initiative.
• O&M Initiative.
• Industrial Waste Treatment.
• National Water Polytechnic.
• Effective utilization of NWC Real Estate assets.
• Bulk Potable Water Customers

These initiatives will help drive NWC to achieve multiple goals including:

• Resource Sustainability,
• Operational Efficiency,
• Cost Reduction,
• Insourcing of activities, 
• Developing the skills of its employees

All of which will result in the financial viability of the company in the long term.
The departmental focus also envisages potential private participation in its ventures, so as to achieve the positive goals of involving the private sector in its long term growth prospects in order to realize optimum results.

Additionally, the department continues to explore other initiatives, all of which will help NWC achieve a more balanced growth, by developing new revenue streams for the National Water Company, so as to enable it to become a viable financial entity in the long term.