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NWC Community Fitness and Wellness Center

Fitness and Wellness Center
The National Water Company Introduces A Culture of Fitness and Wellness. Commencing , a new facility launched at the National Water Company Head Office in Riyadh
The facility, a 250 square meter, state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, will assist employeees in:
  • improving and protecting general fitness levels;
  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle; and
  • improving general productivity and performance.
The facility, will be operated by Upscale, Saudi Arabia’s leading Health and Fitness Club. Upscale will focus on the ‘3S’ Model to build Health and Fitness levels
  • Suppleness;
  • Stamina; and
  • Strength.
These 3S Model enables the exerciser to enjoy an ‘organic’ state of fitness, improving all elements of their physiological functions. 
The NWC Corporate Fitness and Wellness Centre will also employ technology to allow each exerciser to monitor their progress by measuring body composition.
Body composition is a key method of determining whether muscle, fat and other body tissues are in balance to ensure optimal fitness and protected health.