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About Us Executive Director for Business Development

Executive Director for Business Development

Name :

Ibrahim M Shirazi

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Executive Director for  Business Development

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 Business Development:

In line with the  NWC Strategy to become a world class water utility encompassing  the attributes of Operational excellence, customer satisfaction,  resource sustainability and financial viability among others, and  with the aim of achieving these attributes & move towards its strategic intention, the NWC management has formed the new Business Development Department in May 2010. This department in the last few months of its inception is in the process of strengthening its in-house capabilities to meet its objectives and challenges in the best possible manner, while at the same time achieving many important milestones in its journey ahead.




Mr. Shirazi has graduated from Bangalore University in India with a degree in Commerce with specialization in Costing & Accounting.  He has completed a course under the statute of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, with M/s Deloitte Haskins + Sells, Chartered Accountants. He also completed a post graduate degree in Financial Management from St Joseph’s College of Business Administration in India & has completed several other professional courses relating to Finance, Auditing, Accounting, & Cost Controls in India & abroad. 




·         Mr. Ibrahim M Shirazi is an Advisor to the CEO’s Office & the Executive Director Acting for Business Development at National Water Company. In his current role, Mr. Shirazi is responsible to oversee the efforts relating to the WWTP & TSE sales and privatization initiatives at NWC, along with other advisory duties, in support of NWC to achieve its objectives and vision of becoming a global water utility.

·         Before joining NWC in July 2009, Mr. Shirazi held various management positions in the manufacturing, trading, service, & infrastructure sectors of Solid Waste Management & Water in the private sector. He had successfully headed the due diligence efforts & execution of new ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, restructuring of sick industrial businesses, management of Solid Waste Management projects, in addition to his inherent role of heading the Finance, Procurement, HR & Operational  divisions of the various businesses he represented, with offices located in Europe, USA, Mediterranean, Far East & the Indian sub-continent.

·         Throughout his 26 years of experience, Mr. Shirazi has extensively experienced global business management and development with extensive exposure to all facets of the business cycle from strategic decision making to execution in the field.