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NWC Finishes all Preparations for King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Project for Zamzam.

​NWC completed King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz project for Zamzam and all preparations for the holy month of Ramadan for 1433 AH, where the project will work fully in 42 distribution mechanism areas around the clock.
NWC said that King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz project for Zamzam located in Kudy Makka is one of the most important projects for serving visitors of the House of God. Where the launch of the project was during the month of Ramadan in1431 AH, with the private expense of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz at a cost of (700) million SR, the company is honored to run the project after the issuance of directives of His Excellency the Minister of Water and power, Chairman of NWC.     
The company explained that the preparations come to confirm the readiness of all facilities, including factory packaging, which consists of several buildings including the air compressors building and the warehouse for the water packs, the building for production lines, warehouse packaging building with a storage capacity per day of (200) thousand pack, with the total area of the factory (13.405 m2). The project includes a standby generators building with the power of (10) megawatts and (SCADA) system that can control and monitor all phases of the project beginning with pumping water from the well to the last stages of packing.
NWC also added that the project contains an automatic central warehouse to storage and distribute the packaging produced from the factory equipped with air conditioning and alarm systems, fire extinguishers, which coasted more than (75) million SR, representing (15) storage levels and distributing (1.5) million packaging, with a capacity of (10) liters.
The company said that the warehouse storage works automatically by an advanced technical system without human intervention to meet the needs of citizens, residents and visitors of the Holy Mosque at peak times, where storing and retrieving packages automatically from the production lines manufacturer of packaging and across the conveyor belts mechanism link between production lines carrier and the bridge that connects the turn between the factory and central warehouse packaging with a capacity of (1.5) million packs, using the latest global storage systems, known as automated storage and retrieval machine (AS / RS). Where the packages are being transferred across the carrier bridge to the central warehouse by vertical cranes with a load of (2000 kg) stored in in specific sites and controlled and managed through a developed storage program according to date of production and line production, indicating that after the end of the production and storage phase begins the transferring of the stored packages from the warehouse to the automatic distribution system by vertical cranes placed on conveyor belts to transfer the packages to (42) distribution mechanism areas.
The company showed that it took into account the increases demand expected of Zamzam during the Holy month of Ramadan, which is being overseen by a team of technicians who are on site for the operation and follow-up around the clock, pointing out that King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz project for Zamzam will provide services around the clock, where the strategic storage provides a capacity of more than (1.5) million packages. The company has also worked to increase the number of Saudi employees at sale and distribution sites (100%) more than off-season.
The company said that they redistributed the work schedules for the staff project to ensure the availability of the necessary support from administrators and supervisors around the clock, and provided all the necessary services for the signboards, car parking organization and the increase of loading vehicles to ensure smoothly customer delivery service.
NWC mentioned that previously they provided a permanent sites and specialized for packaging containers at the project site in a safe manner, according to the approved specifications using plastic bags and cardboard applied with the slogan " King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz project for Zamzam" to facilitate the transfer of packages for pilgrims. Also coordinated with important officials to prevent negative phenomena resulting in selling Zamzam in the streets exposed to the sun damaging and affecting the properties of water.