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“NWC” More Than (400) Thousand Cases of Wasted Water During The Past Year.


​NWC revealed that they detected more than (400) thousand cases of non-ideal water use in Riyadh and Jeddah during 2011, pointing out that the overall ways of wasting water that have been documented included the use of drinking water for washing cars, houses and the pavement outside the house as well gardens around the house.

NWC signed a number of contracts with several companies specialized in detecting interior leaks in houses with high water consumption in Riyadh the company detects visible and invisible water leaks free for about (80) thousand homes within NWC programs to strengthen its role in rationing non-optimal uses of water and seek to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining one of the most important non-renewable natural resources, also the company laid out in its annual tasks a number of reminder programs in their social responsibility programs and on an ongoing basis to its customers, which aims to raise awareness and reduce random water wasting in non-ideal household uses, which cause the consumption of large quantities of water for  each house in a very short time which is reflected in the lack of availability for other uses when you need water, pointing out that the uses and non-ideal behavior are the major challenges facing the management of water demand.

 In this regard, NWC took the initiative to sign a memorandum with the Dutch company Unilever Industrial Development Co., Ltd. to enhance the optimal behavior of individuals in water use and reduce wasting it. In addition to the preparation of signing several agreements with the most important effective government and private agencies in the same regard.

This comes in light to confirm the company on an ongoing basis to do their part in the importance of preserving water resources and the need for customer input, in turn reducing the wasting of one of the most important natural non-renewable resources, especially in a country like Saudi Arabia, which depends on two main sources, either groundwater or desalinated sea water, as statistics indicate that Saudi Arabia occupies third place in the world in consumption of water with an average per person of water consumption (286) liters per day, which requires extra efforts to reduce the non-ideal water use.

It is worth mentioning that NWC had achieved in saving water since the beginning of 2012, that reached (21) million m3 and a financial value of (127) million SR in the cities targeted (Riyadh, Jeddah, Makka and Taif) by continuing to deal with leaks in networks and water services .