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CEO Blog > Posts > CEO of NWC Congratulates the Company’s Employees after it Reaped “The Best Public Water Agency” in 2012
أيار 05
CEO of NWC Congratulates the Company’s Employees after it Reaped  “The Best Public Water Agency” in 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

NWC employees;
After Greetings,

It is my  pleasure, on behalf of myself and on behalf of the Chairman and members of NWC Board of Directors, to extend my thanks to you very much for your distinct and blessed efforts that lead to, by the grace of Allah the Almighty, crowning our company with “The 2nd Best Public Water Agency” award during the year 2012, where the award was granted during the World Water conference held in Rome, the Italian capital, on Monday evening, 09 Jumada II 1433H (corresponding to April 30, 2012) as part of Global Water Intelligence. NWC have vested the coveted prize from more than (200) international company as it implemented and developed water and wastewater businesses projects efficiently and in excellence in Saudi Arabia.

Dear colleagues, NWC employees;

I would say that gratitude for vesting international and local awards to our company is returned to Allah - the Almighty – then your sincere efforts, dedication and working as a team to make the company advance in great strides of international leadership.
Dear brothers and sisters;
Our success in achieving world excellence in the execution of projects and delivery of services, despite its short life, makes it indispensable to continue excreting further efforts to achieve continuous excellence in businesses locally and internationally. Finally, as we have the ability to succeed and achieve the company’s objectives, and overcome any obstacles or challenges which may limit our abilities and ambitions, I shall bless for everyone again what NWC has reaped of awards which was put in Saudi Arabia records in the major international forums.
I ask God, the Almighty, to bestow success and satisfaction to us all.
Sincerely Yours,
Loay A. Al-Musallam


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