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Privatization Makkah & Taif PPP

Makkah & Taif PPP


Privatization Division plays a key role to manage the privatization process in the targeted cities as well as the consultancy projects with the development of master plans for the expansion of privatization itself. Moreover, the Division functions as a determiner for the priorities of the targeted cities, sets the appropriate privatization model for each city and supervises the implementation of W&WW Management Contracts administratively. The role of Privatization Division is represented by so many achievements in both cities, Makkah and Taif in particular, where its efforts were integrated to expand the services of the Corporate to such cities. This expansion is a crucial transformation to NWC and is reflected by setting the corner stone for commissioning Makkah/Taif Business Unit (MTBU).

Contract Effective Enforcement:

The contract came into effect by the beginning of 2011 where such period was considered  as an extension of the transitional period during which the efforts of privatization teams have integrated and indulged with the operator's (SURE) aiming at putting the contract terms and conditions and outputs into effect. Moreover, the lists of transferred contracts, the financial appropriations and the secondment of employees were processed; well-studied international standards for each division/department were implemented individually. These processes came as a result of efforts exerted during the last periods, and it reflects the sincerity and infinite dedication to the work in order to apply the plans set forth by the Corporate which runs privatization plans, and Privatization Support Division which works toward achieving the required KPI's.
In a continuation to implement privatization plans aimed at developing and improving the performance of W&WW sectors in Saudi Arabia, NWC is currently taking further processes to set up fundamental bricks for the preparation of privatization program for Madina through the formation of teams and put privatization processes into effect
so that desired objectives are met in the same manner that the former Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah/Taif privatization was treated.