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Business Units Riyadh Business Unit



Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed a comprehensive development of all sectors. Consequently, orders were issued to privatize the sector of water since it plays a significant role in our daily life.
One the light of such importance, National Water Company (NWC) was established as completely owned by the country. This is represented in General Investment Fund asserted by cabinet decision no. 5, issues on 12-1, 1429, that permits establishing The National Water Company based on its basic system.
NWC made a first step by launching Riyadh City Business Unit, RCBU. Efforts are joint with Veolia Co. to directly overtake the project in Riyadh through providing water and sanitation services that meet international standards. It is clearly represented in the specialized national cadres invested, as following the NWC strategy to enhance the operational potentials and increase RCBU productivity in term of pure water provision, high class water services availability to all clients, houses/facilities and water services connection, natural water resources conservation, and (). In addition, RCBU aims at reusing processed wastewater effectively and properly. It attempts to create suitable job opportunities to Saudis as well as to stand behind the society developments socially and economically