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Riyadh Business Unit Director’s Message

Director’s Message

RCBU Director, Mr. Nimr Muhammad Alshibl,
Since the establishment of NWC and RCBU, we have been deeply determined to achieve one fundamental goal in businesses development; augmenting team work, for that it mainly focuses on the individual as an improving key in every establishment. This perspective is inevitable result of the NWC cultured values that primly emphasize on team work.
Ever since it was launched, RCBU has been keen on uniting work and manpower development to attain the aspiration of NWC in providing world-class water services.


Veolia Director in RCBU, Mr. Jean Paul,
We, nowadays, live in world of great vitality and fast tempo in many fields; thus, one, who can't live up to such variable world, remains at the back seat.  Hence, in Veolia we strongly believe in expertise exchanging. Our partnership with NWC is represented in RCBU through which we attempt to provide the best services depending on the global experience of ours to improve the sector of water in one of largest cities in Saudi Arabia.
Veolia seeks a widespread operation development in RCBU and long experience transferring to create a world-class national company.